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Hangul 동거차도
Hanja 東巨次島
Revised Romanization Donggeochado
McCune–Reischauer Tonggŏch'ado
Donggeochado is located in South Korea

Donggeochado, Donggeocha Island, or East Geocha Island, is a 2.91 square kilometres (1.12 sq mi; 291 ha) island east of Seogeochado in the Geocha Archipelago in South Korea. It is part of the Dadohaehaesang National Park, and the waterway Maenggol Channel. Administratively it is located in Jindo County, South Jeolla Province, in the administrative division of Donggeochado-ri, Jodo-myeon.

On 16 April 2014, the passenger ferry MV Sewol capsized north of the nearby island Byeongpungdo, drifted north while taking in water, and sank off the coast of Donggeochado.[1][2]


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