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Populated statesWest Bengal, Bangladesh
Population316,337 (2001 census)
Family namesDom, Bansfor,malik

Doms are a Bengali Hindu caste found in large numbers in Birbhum, Bankura and other districts in the western fringe of the Indian state of West Bengal.[citation needed] Traditionally, Doms were basket-makers, cultivators, labourers and drummers; their wives serving as midwives.[citation needed]

The Doms were formerly classified as a criminal tribe under the Criminal Tribes Acts of the British Raj.[1][2]


Doms numbered 316,337 at the 2001 census and were 1.7 percent of the scheduled caste population of West Bengal. The same census found overall 46.0 percent of Doms (aged 7 and up) were literate. Along gender lines, 58.9 percent of males and 32.6 percent of females were found by the census to be literate.[3]


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