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Djorf Torba Dam

Djorf Torba Dam
Djorf Torba Dam
Djorf Torba Dam is located in Algeria
Djorf Torba Dam
Location of Djorf Torba Dam in Algeria
Official nameBarrage Djorf-Torba
LocationKenadsa District, Béchar Province
Coordinates31°30′38″N 2°46′16″W / 31.51056°N 2.77111°W / 31.51056; -2.77111
PurposeWater supply
Opening date1968
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsOued Guir
Height38 m (125 ft)
Dam volume1,900,000 m3 (2,485,106 cu yd) (as of 2006)[1]
Total capacity350,000,000 m3 (457,782,717 cu yd)[2]
Active capacity190,000,000 m3 (248,510,618 cu yd) (as of 2006)[1]

Djorf Torba Dam is a dam in Kenadsa District, Béchar Province, Algeria, crossing the Oued Guir about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of the capital, Béchar.[3][4] It is used for the purposes of irrigation and water supply.[2] The area around the head of the dam features a number of notable ancient monuments.[5] The dam has resulted in a significant reduction in the flow of Oued Guir and Oued Saoura in locations downstream of the dam.[1]


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