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Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country Denmark
National selection
Selection processDansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005
Selection date(s)12 February 2005
Selected entrantJakob Sveistrup
Selected song"Talking to You"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultQualified (3rd, 185 points)
Final result9th, 125 points
Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Denmark was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 by Jakob Sveistrup with the song "Talking to You". He placed third in the semi-final and then ninth at the final. His song was selected through Denmark's national selection process titled Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

The 2005 edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix took place in Forum Horsens on February 12, 2005, hosted by Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, Birthe Kjær, and Annette Heick. The Olsen Brothers, winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 entered a song in the competition in the hope of repeating their triumph but placed only second. The winning entry was "Tænder På Dig" by Jakob Sveistrup. However, for Eurovision the song switched to English lyrics, with the new title "Talking to You". The song is written and composed by Jacob Launbjerg and Andreas Mørck.

Jakob Sveistrup is a 33-year-old school teacher and works in a special school for children with autistic spectrum disorder. Jakob Sveistrup lives and works in Odense. He became known by the Danes when he participated in ‘Star for a Night’ on DR TV in 2003. He nearly went all the way but was beaten in the final.

The spokesperson who revealed Denmark's votes for other countries was Denmark's 1983 entrant Gry Johansen.[1]

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Chi Hua Hua "Uhh la la la"
2 Luna Park "I Believe In Love" 16 3
3 Tamra Rosanes "Peace, Understanding and Love" 8 5
4 Kandis "Lonnie fra Berlin"
5 Olsen Brothers "Little Yellow Radio" 52 2
6 Kim Schwartz "En Smule Af Dig"
7 Ditlev Ulriksen "Troublesome"
8 Jakob Sveistrup "Tænder På Dig" 58 1
9 Sweethearts "I Must Be Crazy"
10 Marie Keis Uhre "Make a Wish" 16 3

Note: The positions of the other five entries were never announced.

At Eurovision

Because Denmark failed to qualify for the final in 2004, Jakob had to compete in the semi final.Denmark performed 24th, following Slovenia and preceding the Poland.Denmark qualified to the final, placing 3rd in the semi-final and scoring 185 points.In the final they performed 13th, following Serbia and Montenegro and preceding the Sweden Denmark joint 9th 125 points (with Norway). As Denmark placed inside the top 10, they automatically qualified for the final in the 2006 contest.

Points awarded by Denmark

Points Awarded to Denmark (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points Awarded to Denmark (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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