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Dawu County, Sichuan

Dawu County

道孚县 · རྟའུ་རྫོང
Dawu is located in Sichuan
Location in Sichuan
Coordinates: 30°59′N 101°08′E / 30.983°N 101.133°E / 30.983; 101.133
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous prefectureGarzê
Township-level divisions2 towns
20 townships
County seatXianshui (鲜水镇)
 • Total7,546 km2 (2,914 sq mi)
2,992 m (9,816 ft)
 • Total46,900
 • Density6.2/km2 (16/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Dawu County, Sichuan
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese道孚县
Traditional Chinese道孚縣
Tibetan name

Dawu County (Tibetan: རྟའུ་རྫོང་།), also written Tawu County or Daofu County (Chinese: 道孚县), is a county of northwestern Sichuan Province, China. It is under the administration of the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and as of 2001, had a population of 46,900 residing in an area of 7,546 square kilometres (2,914 sq mi). By road it is 219 km (136 mi) from Kangding, the prefectural seat, and 585 km (364 mi) from Chengdu, the provincial capital. It borders the counties of Xinlong to the west, Kangding and Yajiang to the south, and Jinchuan and Zamtang of Ngawa Prefecture as well as Luhuo to the north.

In January 1981 it was struck by an earthquake.



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