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Daniel Marino

Daniel Marino (born October 7, 1940)[1] is an Italian American mobster and member of the Gambino crime family. He was identified as a member of the family's leadership panel, alongside John Gambino and Bartolomeo Vernace, in 2009.[2]

On June 23, 1963, Marino pleaded not guilty to assault. He and several cousins were charged with assaulting an FBI agent outside a Catholic church in Brooklyn. A requiem mass was being conducted at that time for Carmine Lombardozzi, a crime family figure and Marino's uncle.[3]

On April 20, 1993, Marino was indicted with others on conspiracy to murder charges. The victim was Thomas Spinelli, who had been planning to testify before a grand jury on Cosa Nostra control of the private trash hauling industry in New York City.[4]

In 1995, Anthony Casso, a Lucchese underboss who turned state's evidence, identified Marino as a co-conspirator in a failed assassination attempt on Gambino boss John Gotti.[5]

In 2010, Marino pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge for approving the murder of informant Frank Hydell (Marino's nephew on his wife's side).[6][7] The Gambino family suspected that Hydell had become a government informant and requested permission from Marino, then in prison, to kill Hydell.[8] Marino was sentenced to five years' imprisonment in 2011.[9] He was released from prison on August 27, 2014.


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