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Dêgê County

Dêgê County (Tibetan: སྡེ་དགེ་རྫོངWylie: sde dge rdzong, THL: derge dzong, ZYPY: Dêgê Zong; Chinese: 德格县; Chinese: 德格縣; pinyin: Dégé xiàn) was formerly one of the Kham region's five independent kingdoms - the Kingdom of Derge - and is now administered as a county in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China's Sichuan province. Its county seat is the town of Derge.

Towns and townships

  • Gengqing Town 更庆镇
  • Dama Township (达马乡)
  • Puma Township (普马乡)
  • Yueba Township (岳巴乡)
  • Babang Township (八邦乡)
  • Gongya Township (龚垭乡)
  • Baiya Township (白垭乡)
  • Wangbuding Township (汪布顶乡)
  • Keluodong Township (柯洛洞乡)
  • Kasongdu Township (卡松渡乡)
  • Enan Township (俄南乡)
  • Zhuqing Township (竹庆乡)
  • Ezhi Township (俄支乡)
  • Manigange Township (马尼干戈乡)
  • Yulong Township (玉隆乡)
  • Cuo'a Township (错阿乡)
  • Zhongzhake Township (中扎柯乡)
  • Shangrangu Township (上然姑乡)
  • Wogong Township (窝公乡)
  • Wentuo Township (温拖乡)
  • Niangu Township (年古乡)
  • Langduo Township (浪多乡)
  • Axu Township (阿须乡)
  • Dagun Township (打滚乡)
  • Yading Township (亚丁乡)
  • Suoba Township (所巴乡)



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