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Crew car

Ex West Coast Railway carriage BRS221 converted into a crew car for use with Pacific National.
The term crew car may also refer to a track speeder.

A crew car (also known as a relay van) is a passenger carriage specially fitted out for the use of train drivers. Interior fittings include a sleeping compartment for each crew member, a lounge area, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. They are usually provided with an onboard generator system and air conditioning.

They are primarily used on long distance freight trains in Australia, where train crew sign on at one depot, and alternate crewing the train during the journey. The car is usually marshalled a few carriages behind the locomotives. Most crew cars have been converted from older passenger carriages, or depowered railcars.

Major Australian users of crew cars include Australian Railroad Group, FreightLink, Pacific National, and SCT Logistics.

The term crew car can also apply to an Outfit Car, a Camp Car, a bunk car or modular home mounted on a flatcar to house railroad employees.,[1]

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