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Corazón esmeralda

Corazón esmeralda
Corazón Esmeralda Official Poster.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Created by Vivel Nouel
Written by
  • Vivel Nouel
  • Zaret Romero
Directed by José Luis Zuleta
Opening theme "Anhelante" by Francisco León
Country of origin Venezuela
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 139
Executive producer(s) Sandra Rioboo
Location(s) El Consejo, Aragua
Running time 43-45 minutes
Distributor Venevisión International
Original network Venevisión
Original release March 3 (2014-03-03) – September 30, 2014 (2014-09-30)
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Corazón esmeralda, is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Vivel Nouel[1] and adapted by Zaret Romero for Venevisión.[2]

Irene Esser[3][4] and Luis Gerónimo Abreu star as the protagonists[5][6][7] while Mimi Lazo,[8] Jorge Reyes,[9] Juliet Lima and Flavia Gleske star as the main antagonists. With the participation of Dora Mazzone, María Antonieta Duque and Cristóbal Lander.

As of March 10, 2014, Venevisión started broadcasting Corazón Esmeralda at 9:00 pm.[10] The last episode was broadcast on September 30, 2014. Official production of Corazón Esmeralda began on 11 June 2013 in Aragua.[11][12]


Corazón esmeralda tells the story of Beatriz Elena Beltrán, a young and beautiful ecologist who starts a campaign against wealthy businessman César Augusto Salvatierra whose industries are responsible for causing pollution in the town of Valle Bonito. César Augusto is a workaholic with three failed marriages and four children who are concerned with getting his fortune after his death. Therefore, he decides to seek out his long lost daughter with Marina Lozano, the only woman he ever loved. But what he doesn't know is that Beatriz is the long lost daughter he is looking for. He asks his godson and lawyer Juan Andrés Montalvo to search for his missing daughter so that she can receive part of his fortune.

After his death, his family becomes frustrated from a clause in his will that they can only receive their inheritance once they find the fifth heiress. His first ex-wife Federica hires Marcelo, a scoundrel and womanizing lawyer, to help her conspire get their hands on the Salvatierra fortune.

As Juan Andrés continues his search for his god-fathers long lost daughter, he falls in love with Beatriz, not knowing that she is the fifth heiress he is looking for. But their love will be tested by the jealousy, secrets and greed that surrounds them as the Salvatierra family and those close to them conspire to obtain the inheritance for themselves.


Confirmed as of April 26, 2013[13]

Main cast

Also as main cast

Supporting cast

  • Flor Elena González as Isabel Cordero de Montalvo
  • Beatriz Vásquez as Luisa Amelia Blanco
  • Alejandro Mata as Silvestre Montalvo
  • Julio Pereira as Ramón José Blanco
  • Adolfo Cubas as Rodrigo Beltrán
  • Ludwig Pineda as Domingo Renjifo
  • Josué Villae as Bruno Álvarez
  • Rhandy Piñango as Jaime Batista
  • Carmen Alicia Lara as Liliana Blanco
  • Reina Hinojosa as Ricarda


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