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Copa Fares Lopes

Copa Fares Lopes
RegionCeará Ceará
Number of teams8
Current champions Ferroviário (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Guarani de Juazeiro
Horizonte (2 titles)

The Copa Fares Lopes, is a tournament organized by Federação Cearense de Futebol every second half of the season. Its name is an honour to Fares Cândido Lopes, former president of the federation.

List of champions

Season Winner Runner-up
2010 Horizonte Icasa
2011 Horizonte Guarani de Juazeiro
2012 Guarani de Juazeiro Horizonte
2013 Barbalha Guarany de Sobral
2014 Icasa Tiradentes
2015 Guarany de Sobral Guarani de Juazeiro
2016 Guarani de Juazeiro Horizonte
2017 Floresta Fortaleza
2018 Ferroviário Caucaia

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