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Colombia national football team results (1938–59)

Colombia national football team results
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This is a list of the Colombia national football team results from 1938 to 1959.[1]

Colombia played its first matches at the 1938 Central American and Caribbean Games. During the tournament, the Colombia national football team was composed mostly by all the players of the Club Juventud Bogotana (now Millonarios FC).[2] From 1950 to 1954, the team was sanctioned by FIFA due to the controversial period of El Dorado.











  1. ^ Abandoned at 1-2 in 69' when Colombia walked off because of a penalty award against them; Alejandro Morera scored for Costa Rica against an empty goal but result counted as 1-2.
  2. ^ The source here indicates that the scorer of the third goal was Roberto Gámez, however most of the sources confirm that the scorer was Fulgencio Berdugo.
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