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Claremont Avenue

Riverside Church entrance on Claremont

Claremont Avenue is a short avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City. It begins at 116th Street and runs north for a length of eleven blocks until it ends at Tiemann Place (the western segment of 127th Street).

South of 120th Street, the eastern side of Claremont Avenue features the heavily fortified backside of the Barnard College campus. The western side features various Columbia University professors' apartments, as well as Columbia and Barnard undergraduate residence halls.[1]

North of 120th Street, Riverside Church is on the west and the Union Theological Seminary on the east sides of the street. Beyond this, the street passes between Sakura Park to the west, and the International House of New York to the east. The Manhattan School of Music has occupied the former Juilliard School building at 130 Claremont Ave since Juilliard moved to Lincoln Center in 1969. For the last few blocks, apartment buildings line the street. An outcropping of the Manhattan schist interrupts the row of buildings on the west side of the street between La Salle Street and Tiemann Place.

The intersection of 116th Street and Claremont has been cited as one of the windiest in New York City.[2] Strong winds from the direction of Riverside Park are commonly believed to be "funneled" by the opposing curved façades of The Paterno and The Colosseum.[citation needed]

The protagonists in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 novel The Beautiful and Damned, Anthony and Gloria Gilbert, have moved into an apartment on Claremont Avenue in the novel's last book.[3]


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