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Cine Mo!

Cine Mo!
Launched 2011
Network ABS-CBN
Cinema One
Owned by ABS-CBN
Slogan Hari Ka Rito! (You're King Right Here)
Country Philippines
Broadcast area Philippines
Headquarters Quezon City, Philippines
Sister channel(s) Cinema One (cable)
Kapamilya Box Office (cable and digital)
DZMM TeleRadyo (cable and digital)
Knowledge Channel (cable and digital)
Tag (cable)
Yey! (cable and digital)
Sky Direct Channel 04
Sky Cable
(Metro Manila)
Channel 07 (Digital)
Destiny Cable
(Metro Manila)
Channel 07 (Digital)

Cine Mo! (stylized as CINEMO!), formerly known as SineBox, is a male-oriented entertainment channel and one of the four digital television channels created by ABS-CBN.[1][2][3] It is the digital TV counterpart of Cinema One, also owned by the conglomerate through ABS-CBN Cable Channels. Similar to Cinema One, it airs local films and foreign movies. Cine Mo! operates weekdays and Saturdays from 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM of the following day, and on Sundays from 5:00 AM to 1:30 AM of the following day. During off-air hours from Monday to Thursday, the channel space is allocated to hook-up ABS-CBN's O Shopping from its main cable feed.


Currently aired

  • Funny Ka, Pare Ko
  • Lakas Tawa
  • Kanto Misteryo
  • Movies
    • Binoe's Best
    • CBO: CineMo Box Office
    • CineAksyon
    • CineBakbakan
    • CineKomedya
    • CineKwela
    • CineMaton Presents
    • CinePantasya
    • CinePow!
    • CineSaya
    • CineSigaw
    • CineSilip
    • CineTawanan Presents
    • CineUna
    • Dolphy: Hari ng Comedy
    • FPJ: Hari ng Aksyon
    • Sunday Movie Bonding
  • Extras
    • Cine Sabi!
    • Cine Sya?
    • CinemaKulit
    • Funny One's Ibang Klasiks
    • Lights, Camera, Kwestyon!
  • Teleserye (catch-up episodes after being aired on ABS-CBN)
  • South Korean TV Series (Sunday 13:00-15:00 PST)
  • American TV Series (Sunday 22:00-23:00 PST)
  • TV Shopping during off-air

Previously aired

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