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Chinese Academy of Management Science

The Chinese Academy of Management Science (simplified Chinese: 中国管理科学研究院; traditional Chinese: 中國管理科學研究院; pinyin: Zhōngguó guǎnlǐ kēxuéyánjiū yuàn), is a research institute of management in Beijing, People's Republic of China.


On 1 September 1986, the communist paramount leader Chen Yun advised to set up the academy, and put Song Ping was in charge of the task. By 2 June 1987, it was officially confirmed by the central government.

On 5 July 1987, its opening ceremony was held at the Beijing Friendship Hotel, with Li Tieying, Gao Yang, Yu Ruomu (于若木), who joined its Presidential Committee. Sociologist Fei Xiaotong and physicist Chien Wei-zang were its first Honorary Co-presidents, and Tian Fu (田夫) was its first executive President.