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Chilean Footballer of the Year

Chilean Footballer of the Year is an award that the Circulo de Periodistas de Chile annually grants, to those Chilean soccer players who during the season of Primera División de Chile have obtained the greater number of points, in agreement with the opinion of the editors of the agency.

Chilean Footballer of the Year

2019 Chile José Pedro Fuenzalida Universidad Católica
2018 Chile Esteban Paredes Colo-Colo
2017 Chile Jaime Valdés Colo-Colo
2016 Chile Arturo Vidal Germany Bayern München
2015 Chile Claudio Bravo Spain Barcelona
2014 Chile Jaime Valdés Colo-Colo
2013 Chile Cristopher Toselli Universidad Católica
2012 Chile Charles Aránguiz Universidad de Chile
2011 Chile Eduardo Vargas Universidad de Chile
2010 Chile Rodrigo Millar Colo-Colo
2009 Chile Claudio Bravo Spain Real Sociedad
2008 Chile Gary Medel Universidad Católica
2007 Chile Carlos Villanueva Audax Italiano
2006 Chile Matías Fernández Colo-Colo
2005 Chile José Luis Sierra Unión Española
2004 Chile Luis Fuentes Cobreloa
2003 Chile Rodrigo Meléndez Cobreloa
2002 Chile Miguel Ramírez Universidad Católica
2001 Chile Jaime Riveros Santiago Wanderers
2000 Chile Argentina Sergio Vargas Universidad de Chile
1999 Chile Pedro González Universidad de Chile
1998 Chile Marcelo Ramírez Colo-Colo
1997 Chile Marcelo Salas Argentina River Plate
1996 Chile Sebastián Rozental Universidad Católica
1995 Argentina Cristian Traverso Universidad de Chile
1994 Argentina Alberto Acosta Universidad Católica
1993 Chile Jorge Contreras Colo-Colo
1992 Chile Juan Covarrubias Cobreloa
1991 Chile Mario Osbén Cobreloa
1990 Chile Iván Zamorano Cobresal
1989 Chile Héctor Hoffens Universidad de Chile
1988 Chile Jaime Pizarro Colo-Colo
1987 Chile Jaime Pizarro Colo-Colo
1986 Chile Argentina Oscar Fabbiani CD Palestino
1985 Chile Rafael González Colo-Colo
1984 Chile Lizardo Garrido Colo-Colo
1983 Chile Miguel Ángel Neira Universidad Católica
1982 Chile Mario Soto Cobreloa

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