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Charles Albanel

Charles Albanel (1616 – 11 January 1696), born in Ardes or Auvergne, was a French missionary explorer in Canada, and a Jesuit priest. In 1649, he arrived in Canada at Tadoussac where he spent many winters among the Montagnais Indians.[1] In 1672, at the time when the Hudson's Bay Company was beginning operations, he was a leader of a French party that went by the Saguenay River, Lake Mistassini, and the Rupert River to Hudson Bay. He may have been the first European to reach Hudson Bay from the Saint Lawrence. In 1674, on another journey to the Rupert River he was captured by the English and taken to England. On his journey to England he induced Medard des Groseilliers to return to the French service. After returning in 1688 to Canada, he served at missions in western Canada and died at Sault Ste. Marie.


Lake Albanel, which runs parallel and to the east of Lake Mistassini, is named after him. The Charles Albanel rose, developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, was named in his honour.[2][3]

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