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Campeonato Baiano (lower levels)

The Campeonato Baiano lower levels are the football tournaments for the Bahia state clubs that do not play in the Campeonato Baiano First Division. The competitions are organized by the Bahia Football Federation. Usually, the champions of a division are promoted in the next year to the immediately upper level.


The Second Level of the Bahia State Championship is competed since 1922, and was not held from 1924 to 1934, in 1938, from 1942 to 1964, in 1966, in 1969, in 1970, from 1972 to 1974, from 1976 to 1980 and in 2005. The Third Level was only held in 2000.

Competition format

The 2007 Second Level was competed by six clubs which played against each other twice. The two best placed clubs qualified to the final. In the final the two clubs played against each other twice, and the champion of the competition was promoted to the following year's first level.

The 2000 Third Level was competed by six clubs. In the first stage, the six clubs played against each other once, and the two best place clubs played a single match final. In the second stage, the six clubs played again against each other once, and the two best placed clubs played a single match final. The winners of both stages played the two-legged competition final.

List of champions

The table below shows the lower level champions of Baiano State Championship.

Year Second Level Third Level
1922 Auto Bahia
1923 Yankee
1935 São Pedro
1936 Energia Circular
1937 Energia Circular
1939 Guarany
1940 Energia Circular
1941 Bragança
1965 Redenção
1968 Redenção
1971 Palestra
1975 Redenção
1981 Botafogo de Santo Amaro
1982 Bahia de Feira
1983 Ypiranga
1984 ABB
1985 Galícia
1986 Bahia de Feira
1987 Atlanta
1988 Galícia
1989 Jacuipense
1990 Ypiranga
1991 Camaçari
1992 Serrano
1993 Poções
1994 Conquista
1995 São Francisco
1996 Juazeiro
1997 Camaçari
1998 Cruzeiro
1999 Colo-Colo
2000 Barreiras Itapetinga
2001 Feirense
2002 Itabuna
2003 Camaçariense
2004 Ipitanga
2006 Primeiro Passo de Vitória da Conquista
2007 Feirense
2008 Madre de Deus
2009 Bahia de Feira
2010 Juazeiro
2011 Juazeirense
2012 Botafogo de Salvador
2013 Galícia

Titles by team

Second Level

Third Level

  • 1 title
    • Itapetinga

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