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Campeonato Alagoano

Campeonato Alagoano
Federação Alagoana de Futebol
Number of teams10
Domestic cup(s)Copa do Brasil
Current championsCSA
Most championshipsCSA (38 titles)
2016 Campeonato Alagoano

The Campeonato Alagoano is the football league of the state of Alagoas, Brazil.


First Division 2010

The Campeonato Alagoano is divided into three stages.

  • First stage: double round-robin, in which all teams play each other home-and-away games. The first place wins a spot on the third stage.
  • Second stage: home-and-away playoff with the top 4 teams of the first stage (1st place x 4th place, 2nd place x 3rd place).
  • Third stage: home-and-away playoff between the winner of the first stage and the second stage. If the same team wins both the first and second stages, it is declared the Campeonato Alagoano champion.

The worst two teams after the first stage are relegated to the second division.

The format can change every year.


First Division

  • Agremiação Sportiva Arapiraquense (ASA)
  • Associação Atlética Coruripe
  • Clube de Regatas Brasil (CRB)
  • Centro Sportivo Alagoano (CSA)
  • Clube Sociedade Esportiva (CSE)
  • Murici Futebol Clube
  • União Futebol Clube
  • Sport Clube Corinthians Alagoano
  • Sport Club Penedense
  • Associação Atlética Santa Rita
  • Ipanema Atlético Clube

Second Division

  • Sport Clube Santo Antônio
  • Igreja Nova Futebol Clube
  • Sociedade Esportiva São Luiz
  • Associação Sportiva São Domingos
  • Sociedade Sportiva Sete de Setembro
  • União Futebol Clube

Teams that decided not to participate in any tournament of the Federação Alagoana de Futebol

  • Centro Sportivo Capelense
  • Sport Club Bom Jesus
  • Universal
  • São Miguel Esporte Clube
  • Centro Esportivo Olhodagüense (CEO)
  • Igaci Futebol Clube

List of champions

Titles by team


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