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British Office Taipei

British Office Taipei
President International Tower 20080120.jpg
President Enterprise Corporation Tower where the British Office Taipei is located
LocationXinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
High CommissionerCatherine Nettleton
WebsiteBritish Office Taipei

British Office Taipei (Chinese: 英國在台辦事處; pinyin: Yīngguó Zài Tái Bànshì Chù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Eng-kok chāi Tâi Pān-sū-chhù), formerly British Trade and Cultural Office, is the representative office of the United Kingdom in Taiwan with a principal role to promote the British trade and investment interests. It functions as a de facto embassy in the absence of diplomatic relations between London and Taipei.

Its Taiwanese counterpart is the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K.


Interior of the British Office Taipei on 21 March 2018.

The office, then known as the British Trade and Cultural Office, was opened in October 1993.[1][2] It succeeded the Anglo-Taiwan Trade Committee, a privately financed entity established in 1976.[3] Unlike its predecessor, it could issue visas directly to people in Taiwan.[4]

The British Council, which had taken over and expanded the functions of the private Anglo-Taiwan Education Centre, operated the Office's Cultural and Education Section.[1]

On 26 May 2015, its name was changed to British Office Taipei to reflect the full scope of the office work, and the title of its head was changed from "Director" to "Representative".[5]

List of Directors and Representatives

Name Photo Tenure Note
Director General, British Trade and Culture Office
Philip Morrice 1993 – 1995
Alan S. Collins (cropped) Sir Alan Collins 2864721408 cf3c60c2d2 o.jpg 1995 – 1998
David Coates 1999 – 2002
Derek R. Marsh Derek R. Marsh (cropped from 93.4.6 院長接見英國文化辦事處馬德睿處長一行 0930512092943).jpg 2002 – 2005
Michael D. Reilly Michael D. Reilly (cropped from "ROC grants friendship medal to former BTCO director").jpg 2006 – 2009
David Campbell David Ian Campbell (cropped from File Taipei City Government Press Release 291814435947).jpg 2009 – 2013 [6]
Representative, British Office Taipei
Chris Wood Christopher Terence Wood, cropped from 立法院105年3月份活動 (3).jpg 2013 –2016
Damion Potter Damion Potter, British diplomat.png 2016 Acting Representative[7]
Catherine Nettleton Former Taiwan Foreign Minister visits the UK (cropped, Catherine Nettleton).jpg 2016 – [8]


The office has been located in President International Tower (統一國際大樓) in Xinyi District on January 22, 2008.[9] It is accessible within walking distance south of Taipei City Hall Station of the Taipei Metro.

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