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British League Cup

The British League Cup was a competition that was set up in 1902 to raise money for the disaster at Ibrox Stadium, in which 25 people were killed and 517 injured. Teams that participated in this competition were the winners and runners-up of the Scottish and English football leagues. It was a predecessor to the Empire Exhibition Trophy, Coronation Cup and Anglo-Scottish Cup. It succeeded the old World Championship matches between English and Scottish top clubs, as football became more widespread in the world and England-Scotland club matches could no longer be billed as World Championships.

The competition took place in Glasgow, with the semi-finals in Ibrox Stadium (where the disaster took place) and also a replay between Rangers and Everton which took place at Celtic Park. The final took place in Cathkin Park, in which Celtic won 3–2 against Rangers after extra time.[1][2]

The trophy itself was first won by Rangers the previous year as the Glasgow International Exhibition Cup. Despite its inscription stating "Awarded to Rangers F.C.", after Celtic won the British League Cup competition they kept the trophy permanently.[3][4]

Participating teams



Celtic Scotland5 – 1England Sunderland
Annan Goal (o.g.)
Marshall Goal
Campbell Goal Goal
McDermott Goal
Ferguson Goal
Attendance: 4,000

Everton England1 – 1Scotland Rangers
Young Goal Hamilton Goal
Attendance: 8,000


Rangers Scotland3 – 2England Everton
Speedie Goal
Hamilton Goal
Walker Goal
Dilly Goal
Brearly Goal


Celtic Scotland3 – 2 (a.e.t.)Scotland Rangers
Quinn Goal Goal Goal Hamilton Goal
Speedie Goal
Attendance: 10,000[2]


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