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Bosnian Movement of National Pride

Bosnian Movement of National Pride

Bosanski pokret nacionalnog ponosa
FoundedJanuary 5 2009
Bosnian nationalism
Third Position
Hard Euroscepticism
Anti-Serbian sentiment
Anti-Croatian sentiment
Political positionFar-right
Ethnic groupBosniaks

Bosnian Movement of National Pride (Bosnian: Bosanski pokret nacionalnog ponosa, BPNP) is a nationalist political organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization was founded on 5 January 2009 by nationalists in Sarajevo.[1][2][3] The movement acts in the entirety of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina through branches in the cities where they exist.[4][non-primary source needed]

Goals and the program

  1. Bosniaks' Bosnia – only people belonging to European genetic and cultural heritage, Bosniaks included, can be the citizens of Bosnia.[5]
  2. Bosnia must be ruled by Bosniaks – Bosniaks must not be subordinated to other constitutive peoples in Bosnia, and that will be reached by preventing non-Bosniaks of being on ruling positions.
  3. Bosnia must be ruled for the better well-being of Bosniaks – all political decisions must be based on what is the best for Bosniaks. All decisions that will make damage to Bosniaks must not be reached.
  4. Unique purpose – State's organization must be led by one modern policy that goes in benefit of Bosniaks as much as possible. The policy must be built on competence and responsibility, and its homework is to serve the population, not conversely. The system must maintain the motto: improvement, development and welfare of the entire nation.
  5. Total independence of the country – Cooperations in some fields are desirable with other countries, but any contract that would damage the independence of Bosnia even slightly is out of the question.
  6. Safe, secular state – Safety, individual and economic, must be one of the social basis. The state must be secular, so religion must be separated from the state, must be subordinated to the laws, reduce its influence in the public life, and prevent mixing state's authorities with religion.
  7. Freedom of speech and opinions – All questions must be free for discussions, science must be free, restriction of personal integrity through the state's control for persons that are not criminals must not exist.
  8. Natural resources in the hands of Bosniaks – Important natural resources under control of the Bosniaks, so that all profit can go back to the population, and not abroad and to private interests.
  9. National board and social justice – The dividing of classes must be replaced with class community where creativity and productive contribution are respected and no group of society can advance at the expense of the other one.
  10. Strict protection of animals and nature – Bosnia has a valuable and unique nature that must be kept safe and defended. Every way of destruction of the environment, as well as killing of the animals must be strictly prohibited. Food industry and other industries where animals are kept and used must be ethically sustainable.


The logo of the movement resembles the coat of arms of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with some additions like the sword in the middle of the logo. They refer themselves also sometimes as the "National Front" which is basically a common used name for the movement.[6]


  1. BPNP advocates the establishment of a Bosniak national secular state in accordance with European practice where every nation is entitled to its own state. This right is, after all, confirmed with history of Bosnia and Bosniaks, which is over 1 000 years old. Accordingly, Bosnia is primarily a Bosniak state but it also belongs to all loyal citizens.[7]
  2. Every loyal citizen of Bosnia, regardless of his religious affiliation, is a member of a Bosniak nation. Accordingly, the movement totally rejects connection of Bosniaks with just one religious identity which was proven to be harmful for the national development and dignity.
  3. The symbol of Bosnia is coat of arms with six golden lilies of King Tvrtko I of Bosnia. That is also a symbol of Bosnian resistance to the Serbian aggression in the War of Independence (1992–1995). Any attempt of humiliation or degradation of the sacred emblem is a direct attack on national integrity of Bosnia and on the national pride.
  4. The movement limits its activity inside the borders of Bosnia determined by Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699, and Congress of Berlin in 1878.
  5. The Bosnian language, as the national language, should and must be the only official language in Bosnia.
  6. Most properties in Bosnia should be in the hands of Bosniaks, as it is the only way to secure establishment of an economically strong nation. Bosnia belongs to Bosniaks in every sense: economic and national. Working class, as a base for prosperity, must have dignified life and it must be protected from exploitation.
  7. The name Bosnia "and Herzegovina" is not acceptable. Herzegovina never was a separate state or it was in the same level with Bosnia. Herzegovina has always been a part of Bosnia and we, as nationalists, are refusing to follow policy of national destruction of Bosnia and Bosniaks.
  8. We are against alliances and unions whose purpose is establishment and protection of the new world order (EU as continental union and NATO as a global army). Bosnia must be a free nation with its own army which is always ready to defend country's sovereignty. That opposes globalisation policy which is being forced by Zionist structures with just one purpose - creation of one world government which will allow the "gray eminence" to rule the world.
  9. We refuse the praxis of celebrating the official Day of Statehood, November 25, because it originates from the policy of dividing Bosnia into three quasi-ethnic groups (Serbs, Croats and Muslims). Day of Statehood that we promote is 29 August - the date of issuing the Charter of Ban Kulin, that is also the oldest state's document and the oldest written document among Slavic-speaking countries.
  10. Ideologies that are not welcome in Bosnia are: Zionism, Islamism, Communism and Capitalism. The only ideology good for us is Bosnian nationalism because it secures national prosperity and social justice.
  11. A healthy nation can not exist without healthy families. With that in mind our struggle is partly focused on destroying every aspect of society which threatens family values with immoral actions. We are strongly opposed to the media that offer promiscuous behavior like homosexuality to the youth.


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