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Bosnian–Ragusan War

Bosnian–Ragusan War
Adriatic sea coast
Result Bosnian Army retreated
Kingdom of Bosnia  Republic of Ragusa
Commanders and leaders
Vukosav Nikolić  
Radič Sanković  (POW)
Duke of Slano  

A war was fought between the Kingdom of Bosnia and the Republic of Ragusa in 1403. In 1403 Stephen Ostoja of Bosnia sided with King Ladislaus of Naples in his plights against the Hungarian King Sigismund, Bosnia's liege. King Ostoja led a war against the Ragusans, Sigismund's allies.

Radič Sanković led the attacks on Dubrovnik in the name of Stephen Ostoja. Sandalj Hranić captured and blinded Radič, and held him in prison until his death in 1404.[1] Among the fallen noblemen were Vukosav Nikolić and the Duke of Slano.[2]

The Ragusans set fire to Šumet and Žrnovnica, so the Bosnian army retreated.[3]


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