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History of Peru
Cultural periods of Peru
Præ Inka
Ancient Peru
Amazonas before the Inca Empire
Andean civilizations
Lauricocha culture
Norte Chico civilization
Chavín culture
Valdivia culture
Paracas culture
Nazca culture
Lima culture
Wari culture
Lambayeque Region
Chimú culture
Chincha people
Muisca people
Chachapoya culture
Chancay culture
Inca Empire
Kingdom of Cusco
Inca society
Inca education
Religion in the Inca Empire
Manco Cápac
Ayar Cachi
Mama Ocllo
Inca mythology
Government of the Inca Empire
Vertical archipelago
Incan engineers
Inca road system
Inca army
Incan agriculture
Inca cuisine
Inca architecture
Inca Civil War
Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
Battle of Cajamarca
Battle of Las Salinas
Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala
Vicekongedømmet Peru
Timeline of Peruvian history
Viceroyalty of Peru
Francisco de Toledo
Vilcabamba, Peru
Treaty of Tordesillas
Bourbon Reforms
Juan Santos Atahualpa
War of Jenkins' Ear
Peruvian War of Independence
Battle of Rancagua
Battle of Chacabuco
Second Battle of Cancha Rayada
Battle of Maipú
Freedom Expedition of Perú
Battle of Ayacucho
Guayaquil Conference
Nyere Peru
Peru–Bolivian Confederation
War of the Confederation
War of the Pacific
Treaty of Ancón
Treaty of Lima
Ecuadorian–Peruvian War
History of the Ecuadorian–Peruvian territorial dispute
Cenepa War
Barrios Altos massacre
La Cantuta massacre
Shining Path
Japanese embassy hostage crisis
Alberto Fujimori
2007 Peru earthquake