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Biplobi Bangla Congress

Biplobi Bangla Congress
FounderSukumar Roy
Split fromBangla Congress
Political positionLeft-wing
Colours         Red, Blue
AllianceLeft Front

Biplobi Bangla Congress (BBC) is a political party in West Bengal, India. The party emerged as a splinter group of Bangla Congress ahead of the 1971 elections of West Bengal. This political Party was founded by Late Sukumar Roy, a prominent Congress leader of Bengal. BBC is now the part of the Left Front.


Formation of BBC by the late Sukumar Roy is an important part in the history of Politics of West Bengal. Congress party hold the power of state for the first two decades after partition, before trying out another grouping in 1967. At that time, the first United Front government came to power with Ajoy Mukherjee of the Bangla Congress (a Congress splinter group) as chief minister and Jyoti Basu as deputy chief minister. Thereafter followed four years of political instability due to the Naxalite rebellion and police counter-action, the Congress muscled its way back to power in the rigged 1972 elections,[citation needed] when even Jyoti Basu lost his assembly seat to a nonentity by 40,000 votes. In 1977, the voters brought the Biplobi Bangla Congress and Left Front merged to power, with latter retaining the title and from since then they remained firm as the ruling party of West Bengal for 34 years. Some Prominent leaders of Biplobi Bangla Congress are Late Nirmalendu Bhattacharya, Late Gouranga Samanta, Ashis Chowdhury, Late Sunil Chowdhury, Deepak Senroy. Mr. Gouranga Samanta elected as MLA two times. Other MLA were Dr Makhan Lal Bangal, Tushar Laya. Dr. Umesh Chaudhary was councillor of KMC. Now Reeta Chowdhury is only Councillor in KMC.

Now Biplobi Bangla Congress has two fractions. One is led by Deepak Senroy and another by Umesh Choudhury.
The flag adopted by the party is red & white (3:1 ratio) with Hammer & Plough symbol at the center.

Contested elections

BBC candidate Tushar Kanti Laya contested the Sabong seat in Midnapore for 2001 assembly elections of the state and won it. In the 2006 assembly elections of West Bengal, BBC again contested the Sabong seat with Tushar Kanti Laya as its candidate (on a Communist Party of India (Marxist) symbol). Laya got 62,079 votes (44.98%), but lost the seat to Congress candidate Dr. Manas Bhunia.[citation needed]