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Bible translations into Slovak

The first translation of the Bible into Slovak, as an alternative to Bible translations into Czech, dates from 1756.

A Slovak Bible and cross

The Camaldolese Bible, 1756

The first vernacular Bibles to enter into use in Slovakia were in Czech, which came to be used among Slovak Protestants.[1] In response the Catholic church arranged for the Camaldolese Benedictines at Červený Kláštor monastery to produce a Catholic Slovak Bible in the 1750s. This translation is accredited to Romuald Hadbavný.[2][3][4]

The Roháček version, 1936

A more modern Slovak version was produced by the Lutheran pastor Jozef Roháček in 1936.

Ecumenical translation

In 2008 the Slovak Bible Society published two versions of the Slovak Ecumenical Translation (with and without the deuterocanonical books).[5]

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