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Bhola District

Location of Bhola in Bangladesh
Location of Bhola in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°41′25″N 90°39′09″E / 22.6903°N 90.6525°E / 22.6903; 90.6525
Country Bangladesh
DivisionBarisal Division
 • Total3,737.21 km2 (1,442.94 sq mi)
(2011 Census)
 • Total1,776,795
 • Density480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Literacy rate
 • Total29.47% (1991)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)
Postal code

Bhola District (Bengali: ভোলা) is an administrative district (zila) in south-central Bangladesh, which includes Bhola Island, the largest island of Bangladesh. It is located in the Barisal Division and has an area of 3737.21 km².[1] It is bounded by Lakshmipur and Barisal Districts to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the south, by Lakshmipur and Noakhali districts, the (lower) Meghna river and Shahbazpur Channel to the east, and by Patuakhali District and the Tetulia river to the west.[2] About 400 mmcf natural gas has been found at Kachia in Bhola which is being used to run a power station.





Bhola district comprises the following upazilas:

  1. Bhola Sadar Upazila
  2. Daulatkhan Upazila
  3. Burhanuddin Upazila
  4. Tazumuddin Upazila
  5. Lalmohan Upazila
  6. Char Fasson Upazila
  7. Manpura Upazila

Members of ninth Jatiyo Sangshad (2006 - )


There are 11 government colleges Bhola.[5]

Bhola Government College main gate
  1. Bhola Poytechnic Institute
  2. Bhola Government College
  3. Bhola Girls High School
  4. Bhola Govt. High School
  5. Govt. Fazilatunnesa Women's College
  6. Shahabajpur Govt. College
  7. Fulbagicha High School
  1. Dhaligour Nagar High School
  2. Manika Secondary High School.
  3. Karim Gonj High School
  4. Charfassion Govt. College.
  1. Rahima Islam College.
  2. Rasulpur Degree college.
  3. Dularhat Adarsha College.***
  4. Shibarhat Ideal Secondary School***
  5. Dularhat Ideal Secondary School ***
  6. Lalmohan High School***
  7. Lalmohan Girls School***
  8. Osmangonj Ideal High School, Charfasson
  1. Fatema Matin Women's College.charfassion.
  2. Mofizabad F.H. Secondary School
  3. Bhurhanuddin Abdul Jabbar College
  4. Burhanuddin Mahila College
  5. Bhola Govt. Technical School & College
  6. Burhanuddin Kamil Madrasha
  7. Kutuba Secondary School
  8. Burhanuddin Govt. Secondary High School
  9. Kulsum Rahman High School
  10. Goungapur Secondary School
  11. Daulatkhan Govt.High school
  12. Daulatkhan Govt.Girls High school
  13. Daulatkhan Abu-Abdullah Degree College
  14. Bhola Technical Training Center
  15. Anjurhat Secondary School
  16. Anjurhat Alim Madrasah
  17. Baburhat Ideal Secondary School
  18. Neamotpur Balia High School
  19. Joynagor High School


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