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Being Osama

Being Osama
Five Men Named Osama.JPG
Five Montreal men who happened to have the name "Osama"
Directed byMahmoud Kaabour
Tim Schwab
Produced byDiversus [ca]
Written byMahmoud Kaabour
StarringOsama (Sam) Shalabi
Ossama al-Sarraf
Ossama el-Naggar
Osama el-Demerdash
Oussama al-Jundi
Osama Dorias
Music byOsama (Sam) Shalabi
Release date
November 2004

Being Osama is a documentary produced in 2004 by Tim Schwab and Mahmoud Kaabour. Director Kaabour is the founder and managing director of Veritas Films, now based in the United Arab Emirates.[1][2] Co-director Schwab is an associate professor of film at Montreal's Concordia University.[3]


The documentary details the lives of six Montreal Arab men, all with the first name "Osama":

  • Osama (Sam) Shalabi, of Egyptian origin, a music composer who grew up in Atlantic Canada. He is a leading member of the Montreal-based instrumental band, Shalabi Effect. He composed the soundtrack for Being Osama.[4]
  • Ossama al-Sarraf (better known as Sultan), a Christian Palestinian Canadian DJ who wears dreadlocks. He is one half of the DJ duo, Sultan + Ned Shepard.
  • Ossama el-Naggar, an Egyptian Canadian musical expert and importer of opera and classical music CDs living in Canada for over twenty years
  • Osama el-Demerdash, an Egyptian, who is very politically active regarding issues surrounding immigrant rights and deportation of refugees
  • Oussama al-Jundi, a Lebanese Canadian who runs a Muslim school in Montreal
  • Osama Dorias, an Iraqi Canadian and devout Muslim whose family fled Saddam Hussein's regime while he will still a young child. His father has recently returned to Iraq, and portrayed as a university graduate and a basketball player, involved in organising a Muslim basketball league in a Montreal suburb.

They all recount their experiences in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.[5]

Reception and distribution

The film has been recognised as a contribution to the intellectual and artistic debate about the Arab diaspora.[6]

Kaabour presented it in a two hour special on the Zaven Kouyoumdjian pan Arab talk show "Seereh w Enfatahit" (Arabic سيرة وانفتحت) on the Lebanese Future Television channel.[7][8]


Being Osama has won international awards including:

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