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Battle of Lopate

Battle of Lopate
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe
(Montenegrin-Ottoman Wars)
DateOctober 1796
Result Draw
Montenegro  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
~40 ~40

The Battle of Lopate (Serbian: Bitka na Lopatama) took place in 1796 between Old Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire near Lopate. Using Mahmut-pasha Bushatli's attack on Montenegro (see Battle of Krusi), Ottoman forces from Nikšić, Kolašin, Bihor, Bijelo Polje, Gusinje; likewise from Foča, Gacko, Stolac, Blagaj, Nevesinje, Trebinje and Korjenići; began advancing to the Montenegrin border. In early October 1796, when the Battle of Krusi occurred, a unit was organized, consisting of the soldiers from the mentioned towns. This unit attacked the mountains of Morača (Mount Lopatice, near Lopate) against the tribespeople of Trebjesa, Morača and Rovci. The unit suffered noticeable casualties. According to available sources, both sides lost about forty people.[1]

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