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Battle of Guler (1696)

Battle of Guler
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
Result Sikh victory.[1]
Nishan Sahib.svg Khalsa Alam of the Mughal Empire.svg Mughal Empire
Commanders and leaders
Nishan Sahib.svg Guru Gobind Singh Alam of the Mughal Empire.svg Hussain Khan [2]
Casualties and losses
unknown General Hussain Khan was killed.[1]

The Battle of Guler was fought between the armies of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and the Mughal forces aided by Rajas of the Sivalik Hills.

Background and Battle

In an expedition against Guru Gobind Singh, Rustom khan failed and he returned in shame.Therefore, General Hussain khan marched to besiege Anandpur. On his way, Mudhkar Shah (ruler of Dadwal) along with his sons were defeated by khan.Moreover, other Hindus like Chand Katoch of Kangra and Bhim Chand of Bilaspur submitted before Muslim army without fight. Hussain Khan demanded certain amount from the rajas. Raja of Guler State brought less than money as demanded by Khan. In anger Raja Gopal's fort was besieged.

Guru Gobind Singh sent his men to help the raja of Guler. A fierce battle was fought between Sikhs and Hussain's army southeast of Pathankot at Guler in which Hussain khan and his coalition rajas Kripal Katoch, Bhim Chand, Himmat Singh were killed by Guru's forces. Guru mentioned the battle in Bachitra Natak also.[3]


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