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Battle of Bordeaux (1938 FIFA World Cup)

1938 FIFA World Cup Quarter-final
Le Stade municipal de Bordeaux en 1938.jpg
Date12 June 1938
VenueStade du Parc Lescure, Bordeaux
RefereePál von Hertzka (Hungary)

The Battle of Bordeaux is an informal name for the World Cup football match between Brazil and Czechoslovakia on 12 June 1938 in the Parc Lescure in Bordeaux, France, one of the quarter-finals of the 1938 World Cup finals. The match had a series of brutal fouls by both sides, due to the lax officiating of Hungarian referee Pál von Hertzka.


Brazil took the lead 1–0, with Czechoslovakia equalizing on a penalty kick. Brazilians Martim and Zezé Procópio as well as Czechoslovak Jan Říha were sent off. It was the first time that three players were sent off in a World Cup match, a record that was not exceeded until the 2006 World Cup match between Portugal and Netherlands. Captain František Plánička and Oldřich Nejedlý from Czechoslovakia suffered a broken right arm and right leg respectively in the mayhem. Their teammate Josef Košťálek was injured in the stomach. The match was drawn 1–1 after 90 minutes of full-time, and a 30-minute extra time had to be played. Nejedlý had abandoned the game before the end of regulation due to his injury, but Plánička stayed at the Czechoslovak goal in pain through the rest of the second half and the extra time. Three other Brazilians, including Leônidas and Perácio, also left the field with injuries.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

The match eventually ended 1-1 after extra time, and had to be replayed 2 days later, with both teams having to field several reserves.[1][2][6] Brazil won the replay 2–1, eliminating Czechoslovakia and advancing to semifinals, where they faced eventual champions Italy.


Original match

Brazil 1–1 (a.e.t.) Czechoslovakia
Leônidas Goal 30' Report Nejedlý Goal 65' (pen.)
Attendance: 22,021
Referee: Pál von Hertzka (Hungary)
GK Walter
DF Domingos da Guia
DF Machado
MF Afonsinho
MF Martim (c) Red card 89'
MF Zezé Procópio Red card 14'
FW Hércules
FW Leônidas
FW Lopes
FW Perácio
FW Romeu
Brazil Ademir Pimenta
GK František Plánička (c)
DF Ferdinand Daučík
DF Jaroslav Burgr
MF Jaroslav Bouček
MF Josef Košťálek
MF Vlastimil Kopecký
FW Antonín Puč
FW Jan Říha Red card 89'
FW Josef Ludl
FW Ladislav Šimůnek
FW Oldřich Nejedlý
Czechoslovakia Josef Meissner

Assistant referees:
Italy Giuseppe Scarpi
France Charles de la Salle


Brazil 2–1 Czechoslovakia
Leônidas Goal 57'
Roberto Goal 62'[7]
Report Kopecký Goal 25'
Attendance: 18,141


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