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Battle of Batočina

Battle of Batočina
Part of Great Turkish War
Classic Ottoman Army Tactics4.jpg
Date29–30 August 1689
Batočina, central Serbia
Result Austrian victory
 Holy Roman Empire Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Arap Recep Pasha
Units involved
Serbian Militia


  • 9,262 infantry
  • 8,553 cavalry
Casualties and losses
400 3,000
108 guns
3 mortars
Entire camp and baggage

The Battle of Batočina (Serbian: Битка код Баточине) was fought on 29–30 August 1689[1] near the town of Batočina in the Sanjak of Smederevo (now in central Serbia), between Holy Roman and Ottoman forces during the Great Turkish War (1683–99).

On 29 August 1689 the Serbian Militia under the command of Pavle Nestorović as a vanguard unit of the Habsburg army was victorious against a vanguard unit of the Ottoman army during the Battle of Batočina.[2] The Austrian army was victorious.


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