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Battle of Augusta

Battle of Augusta
Part of the Franco-Dutch War
Naval Battle of Augusta by Ambroise-Louis Garneray.jpg
Naval Battle of Augusta, by Ambroise-Louis Garneray.
Date 22 April 1676
Location Near Augusta (present-day Italy)
Result French strategic victory
 United Provinces
Commanders and leaders
Michiel de Ruyter  (DOW) Abraham Duquesne
17 Dutch + 10 Spanish ships of the line[citation needed] 29 ships of the line[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
about 700 killed[citation needed] about 500 killed[citation needed]

The naval Battle of Augusta (also known as the Battle of Agosta) took place on 22 April 1676 during the Franco-Dutch War and was fought between a French fleet of 29 man-of-war, five frigates and eight fireships under Abraham Duquesne and a Dutch-Spanish fleet of 27 (17 Dutch, 10 Spanish) plus five fireships with Dutch Lieutenant-Admiral-General Michiel de Ruyter in command. The battle was a short but intense affair and ended abruptly when Duquesne, after hearing that De Ruyter had been mortally wounded, retreated.[citation needed] Neither side lost a ship, though there were many dead and wounded, especially among the Dutch.

Order of battle

France (Abraham Duquesne)

First Squadron (Alméras)


Second Squadron (Duquesne)


Third Squadron (Gabaret)


Netherlands/Spain (Michiel de Ruyter)

De Ruyters squadron

De Haans squadron

Spanish ships

10 or 12 ships among them:


The French navy (Marine Nationale) commemorated the battle of Agosta by naming a conventional submarine (Pennant number S620) leading ship of the successful Agosta class, after it.