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Barinas (state)

Flag of Barinas
Coat of arms of Barinas
Coat of arms
Dios y Federación
(English: God and Federation)
Anthem: Himno del Estado Barinas
Location within Venezuela
Location within Venezuela
 • GovernorArgenis Chávez (2017–present)
 • Total35,200 km2 (13,600 sq mi)
Area rank8th
 3.84% of Venezuela
 • Total816,264
 • Rank15th
 2.87% of Venezuela
Time zoneUTC-04:00
ISO 3166 codeVE-E
Emblematic treeCedro (Cedrela odorata)

Barinas State (Spanish: Estado Barinas, IPA: [esˈtaðo βaˈɾinas]) is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. The state capital is Barinas.

Barinas State covers a total surface area of 35,200 km² and, in 2015, had an estimated population of 970,689.


Georg von Speyer and Nikolaus Federmann explored the region in the year 1534 on their way to the Andes.

In 1542, Philipp von Hutten traveled from Coro over this area en route towards Colombia. In 1547, Alonso Pérez de Tolosa, who came from El Tocuyo, crossed the territory of Barinas.


Most of Barinas is located in the Venezuelan Llanos. The area consists mainly of very shallow pasture lands, traversed by numerous rivers. In the northwest there is a mountainous region, which is part of the Venezuelan Andes. The Apure forms the southern border of the state.

Municipalities and municipal seats

  1. Alberto Arvelo Torrealba (Sabaneta)
  2. Andrés Eloy Blanco (El Cantón)
  3. Antonio José de Sucre (Socopó)
  4. Arismendi (Arismendi)
  5. Barinas (Barinas)
  6. Bolívar (Barinitas)
  7. Cruz Paredes (Barrancas)
  8. Ezequiel Zamora (Santa Bárbara)
  9. Obispos (Obispos)
  10. Pedraza (Ciudad Bolivia)
  11. Rojas (Libertad)
  12. Sosa (Ciudad de Nutrias)


Zenaida Gallardo was sworn in as the governor of Barinas State on 5 January 2017, replacing Adán Chávez, who was appointed as Venezuelan Minister for Culture on 4 January 2017.[1] Gallardo resigned after only a few months, citing health reasons.[2] In June 2017, Argenis Chávez, brother of former president Hugo Chávez, was sworn in as governor. [2]


In 2011, Barinas State had an estimated population of 816,264.

Race and ethnicity

According to the 2011 Census, the racial composition of the population was:[3]

Racial composition Population %
Mestizo N/A 54.1
White 344,265 41.9
Black 21,363 2.6
Other race N/A 1.4

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