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Barelli is a comics series featuring an eponymous character, created by Bob de Moor, which first appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Tintin on July 27, 1950.[1] Barelli made sporadic serial runs throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s while 8 albums in the series were released by Lombard and Bédescope.

Cover of the album publication
L'enigmatique monsieur Barelli (1956)


Barelli is a theatre actor who often finds himself caught up in dangerous adventures.


Serialised stories

  1. L'enigmatique monsieur Barelli (Tintin, 30/1950 - 9/1951)
  2. Barelli a nusa penida (Tintin, 10/1951 - 20/1952. Later Bob de Moor added pages to this adventure)
  3. Barelli et les agents secrets (Tintin, 1964)
  4. Barelli et le Bouddha boudant (Tintin, 1972)
  5. Bonne mine à la mer (Tintin, 1974)
  6. Barelli et le seigneur de Gonobutz (Tintin, 1976)
  7. Barelli et la mort de Richard II (1980)

Album publications

  1. L'énigmatique Mr Barelli, (1956) Lombard
  2. Barelli et les agents secrets, (1973), Lombard
  3. Barelli et le bouddha boudant, (1974), Lombard
  4. Bonne mine à la mer, (1975), Lombard
  5. Barelli à Nusa Penida T1, (1980), Bédescope
  6. Barelli à Nusa Penida T2, (1980), Bédescope
  7. Le seigneur de Gonobutz, (1980), Bedescope
  8. Barelli et la mort de Richard II, (1980), Bedescope
  • Bruxelles Bouillonne (1990) Promotional comic book for the city of Brussels.


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