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Bao Xun

Bao Xun
Right General of the Household
In office
c. 220 (c. 220) – 226 (226)
MonarchCao Pi
Personal details
Xintai, Shandong
Luoyang, Henan
FatherBao Xin
Courtesy nameShuye (叔業)

Bao Xun (died 226), courtesy name Shuye, was an official of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was appointed as a minister by Cao Cao in recognition of his father Bao Xin, who was killed in action against the Yellow Turban rebels. Bao Xun was known to be an outspoken minister who would not hesitate to criticise anyone for their mistakes, including his lord. The Wei emperor Cao Pi was frustrated and angry with Bao Xun for his outspoken nature that he demoted him several times during his reign. Eventually, Cao Pi grew tired of Bao Xun and ordered his execution.

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