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Baltimore Crew

Baltimore Crew
Founding locationLittle Italy, Baltimore, Maryland, US
Years active1920s - 1990
TerritoryBaltimore metropolitan area
EthnicityItalians and Italian-Americans as "made man", other ethnicities as associates
Membership (est.)Around 10 made members,
Around 50 associates
Criminal activitiesGambling, extortion, prostitution, loan sharking, fraud, drug trafficking, murder and corruption
AlliesGambino crime family

The Baltimore Crew ultimately became a faction of the Gambino crime family operating in the port city of Baltimore, Maryland, United States from about 1900 until the 1990s. It was originally an independent organization led by the D'Urso family until the Corbi takeover in the 1920s. In 1955 Vincent Mangano, of the New York based Gambino Family, moved in and installed Louis Morici as the reigning caporegime over the area. The Corbi family acquiesced to the Gambino relationship, but maintained local leadership, simply answering to and accessing support from Morici and his New York Gambino connections. Throughout most of its existence, after 1920, "The Baltimore Cosca" was functionally headed by the Corbi family: Vito, and then his sons; Antonio, Pasquale and Frank.


Rule of the Corbi brothers

In the spring of 1923, Patsy Corbi was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of local barber Frank Naples, a reputed Camorra member.[1][2]

Under Gambino leadership

In 1966, Lou Morici stepped down from the role of capo due to ill health.[2] During this time, the crew was put under the management of the then-capo Joseph N. Gallo. Frank Corbi assumed the position of acting leader of the Baltimore operation, reporting directly to Gallo. Eventually, Corbi was promoted to official captain of the outfit.

By the 1980s most of the membership had died or retired, and with Corbi in his 80s and inactive, the regime became extinct.[2]

Historical Leadership

  • 1900-1920 - Antonino "Nino" D'Urso
  • 1920-1923 - Vincenzo "Jim" D'Urso
  • 1923-1929 - Vito Corbi
  • 1929-1932 - Antonio "Tony" Corbi
  • 1932-1955 - Pasquale "Patsy" Corbi
  • 1955-1966 - Louis "Louie Mora" Morici
  • 1966-1990 - Frank Corbi

Historical Membership

  • Vincent Coronna
  • Frank Dabenne
  • Thomas "Reds" Aversa
  • Benjamin "Benny Trotta" Magliano

Historical Associates

  • Joseph Nunzio Corbi (1911-2001)
  • Joseph Tamburello (1906-1983)
  • August "Nick Trotta" Magliano (1917-1998),
  • Angelo Munafo (1927-2001)
  • Mario Orazio Anello (1905-1972)
  • Joseph Gigliotti (1903-2001)
  • Frank Malvaso (1904?-1991?)
  • Angelo Perrera (1912-1972)

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