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Bagdi caste

The Bagdis are indigenous people descended from people with Dravidian links found in the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Bagdis are populous in Bankura, Birbhum and other districts in the western fringe of West Bengal. They speak Bengali.[1]

The Bagdis numbered 2,740,385 in West Bengal in the 2001 Indian census and were 14.9 per cent of the scheduled caste population of West Bengal. 47.7 per cent of the Bagdis were literate – 60.4 per cent males and 34.8 per cent females were literate.[2]

The Bagdis were one of the most prominent warrior clans in old India. During the British rule in India, many bands of Bagdis were involved in criminal activities and as a result, they were declared as criminal tribes by the British.[3]


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