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August 1991 (film)

August 1991
Written byIlmar Raag
Directed byIlmar Raag
StarringTanel Ingi, Hilje Murel, Andres Mähar
Country of originEstonia
Original language(s)Estonian
Producer(s)Andres Arro, Gerda Kordemets
CinematographyJanno Hans-Arro
Editor(s)Tambet Tasuja
DistributorEesti Televisioon (ETV)
Budget€50,000 (est.)
Original release
  • February 24, 2005 (2005-02-24) (Estonia)

August 1991 is a 2005 television dramatization of a failed Soviet attempt to suppress the Singing Revolution independence movement in Estonia. At the same time as the events unfold in Estonia, a 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt is taking place in Moscow.[1] Tanks roll through the streets of Estonia, attempting to crush the fledgling democracy and assert Soviet authority. Written and directed by Ilmar Raag for Estonian Television,[2] the film focuses on the role of a newly defiant and independent Estonian media. In spite of a low budget and sometimes wooden acting, the film is seen as an effective, moving portrayal of Estonian independence.[3]


  • Tanel Ingi as Tõnu
  • Hilje Murel as Anu
  • Andres Mähar as Paul
  • Hele Kõre as Anneli
  • Tõnu Oja as Aare
  • Peeter Tammearu as Mart Siimann
  • Andres Noormets as Hagi Shein
  • Hendrik Toompere Jr. as Andres Raid
  • Gert Raudsep as Tiit Kimmel
  • Tiina Mälberg as Virve Liivanõmm
  • Rain Simmul as Heimar Lenk
  • Tiit Palu as Enn Eesmaa
  • Hans Kaldoja as Aivo Barbo
  • Aksel Lemberg as Endel Sõerde
  • Indrek Taalmaa as Carl Danhammer


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