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Ascenzi Square

Ascenzi Square is the result of two street grids that meet at Metropolitan Avenue in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Roebling Street traverses both grids, making a slight jog to the southwest between North Fourth Street and Metropolitan Avenue. On March 29, 1939, the City Council designated this triangle as Ascenzi Square, in honor of brothers Joseph[1] and William[2] Ascenzi, residents of Williamsburg who were killed in the First World War.[3]

Following their deaths, the local American Legion Post 1204 was renamed the Ascenzi Post[4] and in 1938, this organization requested the renaming from the City Council.[5] The two traffic triangles formed by Roebling Street were designated as a Greenstreets park around 2000. Greenstreets is a partnership between the New York City Parks Department and the city Department of Transportation that transforms unused traffic triangles and medians into green spaces.[3][6]


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