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Apostolic Nunciature to Poland

Apostolic Nunciature in Warsaw

The Apostolic Nuncio to Poland is one of the oldest nuncios, appointed by the Pope as apostolic representative to the Roman Catholic Church in Poland. Three nuncios to Poland went on to be elected pope. Three were cardinals at the time of their appointment as nuncio, and the rest—with the sole exception of Filippo Cortesi—were elevated afterwards.[1][2]


To the Kingdom of Poland

To the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

To the Second Republic

Delegation Chiefs to the Polish People's Republic

The Polish Provisional Government declared the Concordat of 1925 null and void in 1945 due to what they perceived as its wartime abrogation. No Apostolic Nuncio was appointed between 1947 and 1989. Two Delegation Chiefs partially filled this role:

To the Third Republic (modern Poland)


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