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Aotearoa Student Press Association

The Aotearoa Student Press Association (ASPA) is an association of fourteen student newspapers and magazines that are published by the student associations of universities and polytechnics in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The members of ASPA are:

ASPA has had an associate membership in the New Zealand House of Representatives press gallery since 2005, however the position is currently vacant.[1] ASPA also runs a collaborative news wire.[2]


The association has held an annual awards ceremony since 2002 recognising the best in New Zealand's student media; past sponsors have included the New Zealand Listener and Fairfax Media Group. Prizes regularly include subscriptions and an internship with the sponsor. The ASPA Awards are judged by a collection of New Zealand media experts and commentators - previous judges have included Chris Knox, Nicky Hager, Raybon Kan, and John Campbell.

Past Award Recipients

Best Publication

2013 - Critic, Salient (2nd), Massive (3rd)[3]

2012 - Critic, Salient (2nd), Massive (3rd)

2011 - Salient, Magneto and Critic (2nd)

2010 - Critic, Salient (2nd), Canta (3rd)[4]

2009 - Salient, Craccum (2nd), Critic (3rd)

2008 - Critic, Magneto (2nd), Salient (3rd)

2007 - Craccum, Critic (2nd), Salient (3rd)[5]

2006 - Critic, Salient (2nd), Craccum (3rd)[6]

2005 - Critic, Salient (2nd), Craccum (3rd)[7]

2004 - Salient, Critic (2nd), Craccum (3rd)

Best Small Publication

2013 - Canta[3]

2012 - Canta, Nexus (2nd)

2009 - Magneto, Gyro (2nd), InUnison (3rd)

2007 - Magneto, In Unison (2nd), Satellite (3rd)[5]

2006 - Magneto, Satellite (2nd), In Unison (3rd)[6]

2005 - Debate, Magneto (2nd), Satellite & In Unison (3rd equal) (3rd)[7]


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