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Aoife McArdle

Aoife McArdle is an Irish film director, screenwriter and cinematographer.[1] Her first feature-length film, 'Kissing Candice', premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2017 and at Berlin International Film Festival in February 2018.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] Other work includes music videos for Bryan Ferry, Jon Hopkins,[10][11][12][13][14] Simian Mobile Disco, James Vincent McMorrow and U2[15][16][17][18] television commercials for Honda,[19] Samsung[20] Audi and Under Armour.[21] Her video for the U2 song 'Every Breaking Wave'[16][22] was nominated for Best International Music Video at the UK Music Video Awards 2015.[23]

Early life

Aoife McArdle grew up in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

She studied English Literature and Film at Trinity College, Dublin before going on to complete a Masters in Film & TV production at Bournemouth University. There she specialised in script-writing, directing, cinematography and lighting.

Her first music video as a solo director 'Isles' for Little Comets[24] won Best Music Video at Rushes Soho Shorts[25] in 2011 and was nominated for Best Indie Music Video and Best Editing at the UK Music Video Awards 2011. [1]

Artistic style

Her narratives often centre around young people and themes of escape. [26] [27]

McArdle's visual style is characterised by distinctive, exterior locations, long, choreographed tracking and crane shots, low-key lighting and vivid colours. She favours anamorphic lenses and shooting on 35mm film.[28]


Feature films

2017 Kissing Candice Irish Film Board [29]

Music videos

2015 'Every Breaking Wave' U2 [15][16][17][18][22]
2014 'Loop De Li' Bryan Ferry [4][30][31][32]
2014 'Half-Light' Wilkinson [33][34]
2013 'Open Eye Signal' Jon Hopkins [10][11][12][13][14][35]
2013 'Red Dust James Vincent McMorrow [36]
2013 'Glacier' James Vincent McMorrow [36]
2013 'Cavalier' James Vincent McMorrow [36][37]
2012 'Lesson Number Seven' Clock Opera [38]
2012 'Seraphim' Simian Mobile Disco [25]
2011 'Desire' Anna Calvi [39]
2011 'Isles' Little Comets [24]

Short films

2013 'Italy, Texas: Wild Souls in the Hot, Blind Earth' Vice/55DSL [25][40][41]
2013 'Beyond the Fervent Heat' Design Forum [42]



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