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Type Student run Non-Profit Organization
Founded 2010 (2010)
Place Patna, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Major events Technical, Cultural, Literary events
Slogan Think. Dream. Live.

Anwesha is the Annual Techno-Cultural Festival of Indian Institute of Technology Patna. It is a three-day-long event usually held towards the end of January every year.[1] The fest hosts Technical, Cultural, Literary, Eco and Management events.[2][3][4] The first edition of Anwesha took place in 2010.[5] It draws a footfall of about 4,500 from more than 140 colleges across the country.[6] Management events such as Stock Mart, B-quiz, Vendre and eco events like Eco-debate, Green quiz give participants ample scope to showcase their talents. Anwesha enjoys a cult status among the youths of Bihar. Eminent personalities such as chief minister Nitish Kumar, Padma Vibhushan, G. Madhavan Nair, R.K. Sihna (Dolphin Man of India), have been part of Anwesha’s extravaganza in the past.


The event name is derived from the Sanskrit word Anwesha, meaning quest. The first took place in March, 2010 with the aim of helping students gain experience and provide them with a showcase. It was opened by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and featured a Hindi-Rock band comprising IITP students.

The 2011 event was the first to have a corporate co-sponsor: Reliance Communications supported its Pro-Night featuring Sifar.

The involvement of the Campus Ambassador Program for the 2014 event saw the event reach beyond the city of Patna to 200 colleges across India. A total of 52 events were organised, with 17 technical events, 13 cultural events, 9 eco events and 7 literary events. Six new management events were also introduced in 2014 Edition.[7] There was prize money of ₹3.5 lakh across various events and 300 students participated in the Mr and Ms Anwesha ’14 competition.[8][9]

The ninth event is scheduled to take place from 2 February 2018.[10]


Over the years, pro-nights have starred various artists, rock bands and personalities. These have included the rock bands Sifar (2011),[citation needed] Swarathma(2015)[citation needed] and Euphoria(2016),[11] together with classical music performances from the likes of Kamala Shankar (2012) and Priya Venkataraman (2013).[12] The poet Kumar Vishwas performed in 2012.[citation needed]

Other attendees have included an audience with Miss India International 2013 Gurleen Grewal (2014)[13] and Miss India Earth 2013 Sobhita Dhulipala (2015).[citation needed]

Interactive sessions

Year Keynote Speaker Title of Session
2010 Dr. Upendra Singh, Chief Technologist, Langley Research Center, NASA NASA’s future vision for earth science missions for global observations and the

challenges associated in applying them for societal benefit.

Dr. Kumar Padmanabh, Researcher [14] Minimizing the carbon emission and restricting air pollution below 350 parts per million.
2011 Prof. (Dolphin man of India) Conservation of Gangetic Dolphin
2012 Prof. Prabhat Ranjan Application of Sensor Networks
2013 Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy, Director, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Statistics, Combinatorics and Cryptology.
2014 Vikram Upadhyaya, Board Member, Indian Angel Network Setting up Global Ventures and Franchising
2015 Farrhad Acidwalla, Founder, Rockstah Media Entrepreneurship - Initiative is Everything[15]
Anirudh Sharma, Founder, Ducere Technologies Entrepreneurship - Walking With the Blind


Year Name Purpose
2010 Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Govt. of Bihar Chief Guest, Inauguration Ceremony
2011[16] G. Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman of ISRO Chief Guest, Inauguration Ceremony
G. Mahalingam, Executive Director, RBI Guest of Honour for Event Forex
Gautam Barua, Ex-Director, IIT-Guwahati Guest Lecturer
2012[17] Abhayanand, Former Director General of Police, Bihar Chief Guest, Inauguration Ceremony
2013[18] Ashok Kumar Sinha, Ex-Chief Secretary, Govt of Bihar Chief Guest, Inauguration Ceremony
2014[19] Navaniti Prasad Singh, Patna High Court Chief Guest, Inauguration Ceremony
Shatrughan Sinha, Veteran Actor and Member of Parliament Chief Guest, Valedictory Ceremony


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