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Andal–Sainthia branch line

Andal–Sainthia branch line
Andal-Sainthia Railway Stations.jpg
Andal railway station and Sainthia railway station
Type Diesel-electric
System Broad gauge
Status Operational
Locale West Bengal
Termini Andal
Sainthia Junction
Stations 15
Opened 1913
Owner Indian Railway
Operator(s) Eastern Railway
Line length 73 km (45 mi)
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) Broad gauge
Operating speed up to 100 km/h (62 mph)
Route map
colliery of Raniganj Coalfield
to Bardhaman-Asansol section
0 Andal
to Bardhaman-Asansol section
National Highway 19
Grand Trunk Road
8 Sonachara
Kunustoria Colliery
12 Tapasi
15 Ikra(halt)
Sripur Colliery
20 Jamuria(halt)
27 Barabani
33 Chinchuri(halt)
41 Sitarampur
to Asansol–Gaya section
Singaran River
National Highway 19
Grand Trunk Road
5 Kajoragram
10 Siduli
Sitalpur Colliery
12 Ukhra
Pandaveswar Airfield
Khottadih Open Cast Project
South Samla Colliery
20 Pandabeswar
Ajay River
23 Bhimgara Junction
29 Hazaratpur
33 Raswan
37 Barhragram
42 Lachmanpur Road
49 Palashthali
Hinglo River
29 Panchra
35 Dubrajpur
Bakreshwar River
42 Chinpai
Bakreshwar Thermal
Power Station
45 Kachujor
54 Suri
63 Kunuri
66 Mahisadahari(halt)
to Sahibganj Loop
73 Sainthia
to Sahibganj Loop

The Andal–Sainthia branch line is a railway line connecting Andal on the Bardhaman–Asansol section of the Howrah–Delhi Main Line and Sainthia Junction on the Sahibganj Loop. This 73 kilometres (45 mi) track is under the jurisdiction of Eastern Railway. This track passes through the north-eastern part of the Raniganj Coalfield in Bardhaman district and the western part of Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal.

This track serves Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station.


The Andal–Sainthia branch line was built in 1913.[1]

Branch lines

There are two branch lines in this section. The first is the Andal–Barabani–Sitarampur section.[2] The other is the Bhimgara-Palasthali Branch Line. Service on this line was suspended for safety reasons. The track became unfit because of unauthorized mining under the track.[3]


Electrification of Andal–Pandabeshwar section was completed in 2010–11.[4] Electrification of the Pandabeshwar-Sainthia section was sanctioned in the rail budget for 2011–12, which is expected to be completed till 2013 and completed in 2016.[5]


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