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American Composers Alliance

The American Composers Alliance (ACA) is an American membership organization dedicated to the publishing and promoting of American contemporary classical music. Founded in 1937 by Aaron Copland, Milton Adolphus and others, it is the oldest national organization of its kind, and represents over 200 member composers.

The organization is based in Manhattan, New York City, New York. Each year since 1951 it has presented the Laurel Leaf Award individuals and organizations in recognition of "distinguished achievement in fostering and encouraging American music."

The American Composers Alliance publishes musical scores under the imprint American Composers Edition (ACE). Since 2001, it has held an annual festival of American music each June, presenting 6-8 concerts with more than 30 composers from across the country. Past festivals received favorable reviews from The New York Times and New Music Connoisseur. In 2007, ACA celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Membership in American Composers Alliance (ACA)[1]

The composer must first be a member of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI). Any US citizen or US permanent resident may apply for membership.There are no stylistic requirements, but the composer must be writing contemporary concert music, contemporary classical music, at a professional level.

The composer submits electronically a minimum of two recent scores, two recordings (live or studio), a complete list of works (with instrumentation, duration, and premiere performance info),along with a bio, resume, or curriculum vitae that contains performance information for the last three years. A committee from ACA’s Board of Governors reviews this material and then makes a recommendation to the full Board, which decides to accept or reject the candidate. The process can take from 2 to 6 months.

If the composer is accepted for ACA membership, an agreement, a Grant of Rights, see copyright, is signed. This Agreement makes ACA the publisher of record for performing rights royalties and the exclusive print and electronic distributor for sales and rentals of the music covered by the Grant of Rights. The Agreement may, at any time, be revoked by the composer.

ACA Members as of 2018

  • Adams, H. Leslie
  • Anderson, T. J.
  • Auerbach-Brown, Christopher
  • Austin, Elizabeth
  • Awad, Emil
  • Balazs, Frederic
  • Bassett, Leslie
  • Bauer, Ross
  • Beerman, Burton
  • Bell (Friou), Elizabeth
  • Berenholtz, Jim
  • Bevelander, Brian
  • Bliss, Marilyn
  • Block, Steven
  • Bottje, Will Gay
  • Boykan, Martin
  • Brooks, Richard
  • Cameron-Wolfe, Richard
  • Carl, Robert
  • Carlsen, Philip
  • Chenoweth, Gerald
  • Chow, Jun Yi
  • Cohen, Fred
  • Cory, Eleanor
  • Costinescu, Gheorghe
  • Davidson, Matthew de Lacey
  • Dellaira, Michael
  • Dillon, Lawrence
  • Flaherty, Tom
  • Froom, David
  • Gibson, John Grant
  • Gibson, Robert L.
  • Gilbert, Janet
  • Gordon, David
  • Greenbaum, Matthew
  • Greenberg, Laura
  • Gressel. Joel
  • Hall, Gregory
  • Hodkinson, Sydney
  • Howe, Hubert
  • Hutcheson, Jere
  • Jacobs, Edward S.
  • Jankowski, Loretta
  • Jazwinski, Barbara
  • Jones, David Evan
  • Karchin, Louis S.
  • Kim, Sunbin
  • Kreiger, Arthur
  • Kroeger, Karl
  • Lennon, John A.
  • Lieberman, Glenn
  • Liptak , David
  • Lovendusky , James
  • Raymond Luedeke
  • Lundborg , Erik
  • McCandless, Richard
  • McKinley , Dr. Elliott Miles
  • McLoskey, Lansing
  • Melby, John
  • Meneely-Kyder, Sarah
  • Miller, Scott L
  • Moore, Dorothy Rudd
  • Moya, Reinaldo
  • Newell, Robert Max
  • Nielson, Lewis J.
  • Nowak, Alison
  • Oliver, Harold
  • Perlongo, Daniel
  • Philo, Gary
  • Rausch, Carlos
  • Read, Thomas L.
  • Rhodes, Phillip
  • Rockmaker, Jody
  • Rothkopf, Michael S.
  • Sacco, Steven Christopher
  • Sain, James Paul
  • Schneider, Gary
  • Schober, Brian
  • Schwartz, Elliott
  • Shrude, Marilyn
  • Shultis, Christopher L.
  • Slayton, Michael
  • Sollberger, Harvey
  • Stallcop, Glenn
  • Suben, Joel Eric
  • Suber, Stephen Carter
  • Suskind, Joyce Hope
  • Tacke, Daniel
  • Thomas, Andrew William
  • Thome, Mark (David)
  • Thompson, Robert Scott
  • Tillis, Frederick C.
  • Tower, Joan
  • Van Nostrand, Burr
  • Vogel, Roger C.
  • Welch, Matthew
  • Wellman, Samuel
  • Westergaard, Peter
  • Wiemann, Beth
  • Wilson, Donald M.
  • Wuorinen, Charles
  • Yttrehus, Rolv
  • Zahler, Noel
  • Ziolek, Eric
  • Zuckerman, Mark
  • Zupko, Ramon

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