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Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala
Amar Ujala cover photo.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Publisher Amar Ujala Publications Ltd.
Language Hindi
Headquarters C-21, Sector-59, Noida-201301
Circulation 27.11 lakhs daily[1] [2]
Sister newspapers Amar Ujala Compact

Amar Ujala was founded on April 18th 1948 in Agra, almost a year after independence. More than six decades later, it has become the fourth largest Hindi daily on the basis of user readership (but according to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)of 2017, it is the 3rd largest newspaper with total readership of 4.65 crore readers. [3]) Initially it started off with a modest beginning as a four page newspaper with a circulation of roughly 2576 copies, which later increased to 20,000 in 1968 and serviced to around 14 districts in Uttar Pradesh. From this point onwards, Amar Ujala diversified to other areas of Uttar Pradesh, as well as to states such as Jammu, Haryana, Delhi NCR etc. Currently Amar Ujala publishes a 16 -18 page daily issue with colorful, vibrant pages in every edition. [4] In addition to the main issue it also offers special supplements focusing on Career, Entertainment, Women and many more. These interesting features makes it one of the most widely read broad-sheet newspaper in India circulation base of 27.11 lakh copies (2.88 lakh copies, including supplementary papers.) [5]

Supplementary Papers

Some of the supplementary papers published by Amar Ujala include:

Manoranjan: Manoranjan is a weekly source of enjoyment consisting of 4 pages that is issued every Sunday across all its editions.

Rupayan: This is a 16 page magazine which comes out every Friday, carrying women-centric content such as food, fashion, beauty and interior designing among other topics. This is published across all editions.

Udaan:Udaan is a weekly magazine which comes out every Wednesday having 16 pages that focuses on education and career opportunities across all its editions.

Amar Ujala Compact: Amar Ujala is a tabloid newspaper with a refreshing mix of topics from both national and international news to sports, technology and entertainment. It is one of the largest tabloid newspapers in Uttar Pradesh with an appalling readership of 25, 90,000 readers. Compact was initiated on 20th October, 2007 in Kanpur and became the number one tabloid newspaper in Kanpur with a readership of 4, 07,000 readers. It then reached Agra on 29th November, 2007 and by 2008, four editions of Compact had been launched. Soon, Compact became a leading tabloid in several cities such as Dehradun, Meerut, Gorakhpur, Bareilly and Allahabad among many others.

Yuvan: Amar Ujala Yuvaan is a weekly newspaper prevalent in eight states and one union territory (UP, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir and Chandigarh. This newspaper is targeted at young children with the purpose of inculcating reading habits in them. It has a balanced mix of both English and Hindi articles and stories. It is a 24 page tabloid newspaper with differentiated content all through. Mainly, this newspaper shares updates about developments in the fields of science and technology, language and literature, health and many other such topics.

Other supplementary papers include Amar Ujala Sandhya Samachar which is a daily Hindi newspaper published in UP, Amar Ujala Chaupal which is a Hindi monthly publishing in UP, Amar Ujala Bazar News which is a bilingual fortnightly paper published in Hindi and English in UP, Amar Ujala Orbit that is an English monthly paper published in UP, Amar Ujala Competition Journal that is an English monthly paper published in UP, Amar Ujala Karobar which is an Hindi daily newspaper circulated in Delhi. A few more include Amar Ujala Kalpavriksha, Karobar, Jobs, Safalata and GK and IQ. [6]


1) Touch Point It is the brand activation wing of Amar Ujala. Touch Point specializes in conceiving all round, creative and intelligent brand solutions with an objective to ensure maximum visibility and penetration of a brand, service or product. It aspires to be the first choice for all leading brands and support them in maximizing their reach and help them building & enhancing their brand image. Touch Point is among one of the best media integration solutions providing company. Touch Point provides holistic 360degree approach and solutions to help brand reach their target, understand them & help them making their brand relevant to the desired target. Touch Point works in accordance to a demographic population which caters to a specific Corporate, Regional and Rural marketing set up, with a clear objective of maximum market reach, better accessibility and availability to a predefined target.

2)Amar Ujala Foundation Amar Ujala Foundation (AUF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility sector of Amar Ujala Publications Ltd., with a mission to create a better future through empowerment of all sections of the society. AUF has initiated and involved in series of activities which enables a larger section of society to live their life with dignity and pride – through direct action on the ground with an objective to, empower all – less advantaged first, development of girl child, protecting environment, serve the elderly etc.

3)Publications and Commercial Printing Division This division of Amar Ujala, provides reference books & study guides for civil service and all-important competitive exams such has NDA, CDS, JRF, UGC-NET, NEET etc. It caters to around 15 lakh aspirants every year. Amar Ujala has a large newspaper and commercial printing division that involves printing of magazines. Printing operations are spread across 17 cities namely in Jhansi, Agra, Meerut, Noida, Panchkula, Lucknow, Bareilly, Dehradun, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Jammu, Aligarh, Allahabad, Naintal, Dharamshala and Moradabad.

4)Autdoors Autdoors is the division of Amar Ujala Publications that specializes in providing advertising solutions, retail and permanent branding solutions and innovative connect to its clients. Autdoors is fully geared to handle campaigns across the country with dedicated buying and planning team along with specialised servicing team based in all major metropolitan cities in India. Autdoors also has media presence in 7 cities in North India with over 160 media options in traditional formats and street furniture. [7] [8]


The price of Amar Ujala differs with each edition. In some cases, the price of the paper increases by a rupee on Sundays while in some editions, the price stays uniform. The most common price for the paper is Rs.3 to Rs.4. Amar Ujala Compact costs around Rs. 1.50, Yuvan costs Rs.5, Udaan costs Re.1 and Amar Ujala Jobs costs Rs.5. [9]


Amar Ujala also has an E-paper in order to make it more accessible to the public and broaden the reach of the paper. This E-paper mentions the states in which the hard copy of the paper is available as well as the prices of the hard copies. On the right hand side, it mentions the state and the date of the newspaper being read. There are options to read the Amar Ujala editions of 132 cities as well as to change the date and the page being read. There are also hyperlinks to all their social media pages. The entire paper is published in Hindi and consists of important national and international news articles as well as city-centric topics. PDF versions of the newspaper are also available. Advertisements are found aplenty in the E-paper. Among the supplementary papers, Amar Ujala Jobs, Manoranjan, Udaan and Rupayan are available to be read online. [10]

Social Media

Amar Ujala has a significant presence on current day social media platforms with 7,28,000 followers on Twitter and 3,08,000 followers on Instagram. While their presence on Facebook is noticeable, it has not specified the number of followers as such, as only the number of likes for the culmination of all its posts till date is mentioned(7.4 million.) Amar Ujala’s Facebook and Instagram pages are mainly concentrated towards news in the entertainment and sports forum as opposed to it’s Twitter page which has news that is valuable and gives snippets of world occurrences. All the mentioned platforms have an official and authorised page only for the main newspaper, but there are other pages that are catered towards the sister paper and supplementary papers. [11] [12] [13]