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Alla andra får varann

Sweden "Alla andra får varann"
Eurovision Song Contest 1960 entry
Ulf Kjellqvist
Thore Ehrling
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Appearance chronology
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"Alla andra får varann" (All the others get each other) is a song by Swedish singer Siw Malmkvist, that represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 1960, performed in Swedish.

The song was the winner of Melodifestivalen 1960, performed by both Östen Warnerbring and Inger Berggren. However it was decided by Sveriges Radio that Siw Malmkvist would perform the song at Eurovision. Siw Malmkvist never released her version either as a single or as an album track. The song was released by sv:Mona Grain.

The song was performed second on the night of the contest, held on 29 March 1960, following the United Kingdom's Bryan Johnson with "Looking High, High, High" and preceding Luxembourg's Camillo Felgen with "So laang we's du do bast". The song received 4 points, placing 10th in a field of 13.

The song was succeeded as Swedish representative at the 1961 Contest by Lill-Babs with "April, April".

Preceded by
"Augustin" by Siw Malmkvist
Melodifestivalen winners
1960, performed by Östen Warnerbring and Inger Berggren
Succeeded by
"April, April" by Siw Malmkvist and Gunnar Wiklund