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Ali Shamshuddin Bin Abdullah

Mausoleum Syedna Ali Shamsuddin, Al-Shariqa[1], Yemen
Grave Syedna Ali Shamsuddin and other Mazoons, Al-Shariqa[2], Yemen
Syedna Ali Rauza 1

Syedna Ali Shamshuddin Bin Syedna Abdullah Fakhruddin [3] (Death: 3rd Safar 832 AH/ November,1429AD, Thursday ), Al-Shariqa[4], Yemen, was the 18 th Da'i al-Mutlaq (Absolute Missionary) of the Dawoodi Bohra sect of Musta‘lī Islam. He succeeded, the 17th Dai Syedna Hasan Badruddin bin Syedna Abdullah Fakhruddin to the religious post.

Syedna Ali became Da'i al-Mutlaq in 821AH [5] /1411AD. His period of Dawat was from 821-832 AH/ 1411-1429 AD.

Syedna Ali Shamsuddin lived at the fortress in Zimarmar/Dhumarmar but the Zaidi Imam Al-Mansur Ali bin Salah ad-Din became oppressive against him. Syedna had to surrender the fort in order to preserve the D`awat and his followers. Syedna moved on to Hisne Af’idah and from there to Haraaz.

At the end of his tenure, Syedna Ali Shamsuddin intention was to reach Shibaam because his successor Syedna Idris, was there. He left for Shibaam, and so his brother Ezzudin took him down to Shariqa, but on that very day; Thursday, 3rd Safar 832H at midday Syedna Ali Shamsuddin passed away. When news reached Syedna Idris he immediately set out to Shariqa, and buried him there.[6]


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Preceded by
Hasan Badruddin
18th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
: 821–832 AH/ 1418–1429 AD
Succeeded by
Syedna Idris