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Ali Bin Syedna Mohammed Bin Waleed

Syedna Ali ibn Mohammed al-Waleed was 5th Dai of Taiyabi Musta‘lī Bohra Islam(Death: 27th Shabaan ul-kareem, 612 H/ 20th Dec. 1215 AD, Aghmuur, Hiraaz -Yemen). He succeeded the 4th Dai Ali Bin Hatim to the religious post.

al-Waleed became Da'i al-Mutlaq in 605AH [1] /1209AD. His period of Dawat was from 605-612AH/ 1209-1216ADfor about 6 years 9 months.

He was the first of 18 Duaat from al-Waleed progeny; his grandfather was Ibrahim bin Abi Salma. When he became ill in Egypt, Imam Mustansir visited him.

Al-Waleed wrote many literary volumes of which "Kitaab ul iyzahe wa-l-tabyeen" (Book of explanation), "Mukhtasarul Usuul" and "Al-Zakheerah" are prominent.

He was succeeded by Ali bin Hanzalah and his grave is in Aghmuur, Hiraaz though the exact place is not confirmed.

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Preceded by
Ali Bin Syedna Hatim
5th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
: 605–612 AH/ 1209–1216 AD
Succeeded by
Ali Bin Hanjala