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Alexei Maximov (enamelist)

Alexei Maximov is a Soviet-born enamellist[1] and oil painter.[2]


In his work Maximov has used traditional methods of enamel art production, without contemporary digital set ovens.[3][3] During the late 20th-century, Maximov led a resurgence of enamel-based art in Russia.[4] The first exhibition of Maximov’s work occurred at the Podolsk Town Museum in 1979, and the second was held in 1979 at the State Literature Museum in Moscow.[5] Another exhibition Maximov’s work took place at the Kremlin Armoury.[6] In 2012 an exhibition of his work was held in the William Kent House in London,[7] showing his enamel miniature portraits of members of the royal families of the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway.[8] This included the twentieth anniversary of his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as well as her Diamond Jubilee.[9] Following the exhibition of the works, which can only be seen by appointment, they were put up for auction.[10] Queen Elizabeth II recommended that Princess Anne sit for Maximov the following week, and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother later that month.[11] His work has been a part of around one hundred art exhibitions.[1]

Personal life

Alexei Maximov is from St. Petersburg, Russia.[7] In 1988 he was awarded the Grand Prix of the Leningrad Committee of The Union of Russian Artists.[1]


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